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This is us on our wedding day. Doesn’t she look amazing?!

This is us on our wedding day. Doesn’t she look amazing?!

Hello! I'm Robert Rios, South Florida based photographer, who has a passion for music, athletic activities and geeky stuff. Creativity has always been a part of my life, as I'm schooled in architecture, worked as a creative director for an animation studio and currently work in advertising.

Got married to my lovely wife, Ofelia, on May 4th (best date ever!) and had a lightly Star Wars themed wedding.

My style of photography is photojournalistic, editorial and epic. I provide a personalized experience so we can authentically capture every raw and emotional moment of your day or session.

I am big into comics, movies and tech stuff. Quick bullets about me:

  • Apple Fan Boy

  • Favorite movies:

    • Matrix

    • Star Wars (All of them, especially Rogue One)*

    • Back to the Future

    • Infinity War

    • Logan

  • Drummer

  • Favorite Bands:

    • Tool

    • Metallica

    • Deftones

    • Primus

  • Run 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathons, Duathlons and Marathons (Disney Marathon Weekend is my favorite)

  • Ride Bike (Road and Mountain)

  • I’m also a DJ**

*Phantom Menace is debatable and have my issues with Episode 7 and 8. Lets not get started cause we can discuss this for hours.

**This claim has not yet been fully substantiated but I have DJ’ed parties, events and a wedding. So I’m pretty legit.

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